Sunday, September 07, 2008

August went ......somewhere....

This is how I feel about August... head down and tail up... this cute little duck was performing for me at our Botanic Gardens a few weeks ago.

There were two major happenings in August for our family. Firstly, after a long long time being at home, I decided to enter back into the workforce. Way back in another life time I was a teacher, and so it seemed that a good possibility would be to do some relief work. The family has all had to adjust - just in the sense of timetabling and also the fact that Mum isn't always there to do what they need.
The second thing was a result ( I think) of the first. Of course - going around and working in classrooms where the teacher is probably away due to illness and the children are sick too - it is inevitable that I should get sick and then pass it on to my family. Over two weeks later we are all finally recovering.
hmmm... time for me to get organized...

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