Saturday, May 29, 2010

A quick baby gift...

My daughter's teacher left on maternity leave two weeks ago and the children are looking forward to meeting the new arrival after June. I made a little present for my daughter to give her teacher - a little zipper bag. I put some disposable change mats and nappy wipes inside.

We didn't know whether the baby was a boy or girl so we had to find some fabric which was gender neutral. I had plenty of pink and blue fabric but had to dig a bit deeper to find something in my stash. But Peter Rabbit came to the rescue and I found just what I wanted.
I just used a variety of strips. Check out the cute Peter Rabbit ribbon I found to use as zipper tabs.
Basically this pattern is from a Lazy Girl Designs pattern, below is the first zipper bag I made using this pattern. They are quick to whip up - I think I will make some more Peter Rabbit ones as there are a few births coming up in the later part of the year.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

A day in Ipswich.

Yesterday a group of us from the Friday Craft Group went to Ipswich to see a display of historical Australian patchwork quilts. What a fabulous visual event! Because I am also interested in history and old things I especially enjoyed it. These quilts tie in with an amazing book called The Fabric of Society by Annette Gero, who is probably Australia's best known quilt historian. If anyone has the chance to see this display before the 25th of July then it is certainly worth the effort.
Another place I really wanted to visit was Handmade Heaven. I've been reading about this shop on a blog I have been following for a while, Selena's Vintage. I just love her bunnies and teddies made from chenille and wanted to see them in person. ( Check out her blog header - who could resist these bunnies?) But even better - I didn't just get to meet the bunnies but I got to meet Selina as well. She came into the shop while we were there with a new beautiful quilt and I worked out who she was. I also got to meet Bubba Chenille as well. One day I am going to get one of those rabbits or maybe a bear - or even both - I just have to decide which colour I want.
Keep up the wonderful work Selina.
And after that we popped into The Country Quilt Co for a quick visit where I came away with a Joypatch pattern I wanted.
So it was a lovely day and worth sharing.
P.S. I'll put in a plug too for The Handmade Expo - which is another Ipswich event to check out some time.
For those who don't know Ipswich is a city just to the west of Brisbane.