Friday, October 24, 2008

Another parcel in the mail...

I had a surprise parcel in the mail this week, not that I didn't know about it but just that I wasn't expecting it just yet. This is my Another Little Quilt Swap 2 quilt. And what a special one it is. Here's how it looked when I opened the parcel ( for once I remembered to get the camera and take a photo before I unwrapped it.)

The parcel came from Karen in Victoria who sadly doesn't have a blog. When you see the quilt I received you will see why I think she should have one - to show us all the beautiful things she makes.

And here is the photo of the actual quilt. I am sorry it isn't flat... I was trying to be creative outside but I couldn't get it to sit flat. The photos I took on the floor just look uninspiring so I'll stick with this one and give you close ups as well.

The pattern is Butterfly Garden from Leanne's House and it so pretty. It is one of those quilts I look at and love but then think I would never finish. But now I have my very own small version. This is the centre block...

and here are some of the other embroideries...

I have had lots of fun this year with swaps - not only making my own contributions but also seeing photos of other little quilts travelling around the world.
Big thanks to Karen who made this beautiful quilt and also to Kate who organized the swap.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Miniature Booty Swap.

I am a bit late with posting this photo but here it is. This is the beautiful little swap quilt I received from the humming cat. When we send in our names we can put some preferences and I usually put blue and green because they are probably my favourite colours.... although a little bit of everything is wonderful too. Well, this quilt definately fits that colour choice. The photo doesn't really show the vibrance of the colours, and in the close up below you can see the quilting which is in gold thread. Very effective!!!

Thanks you so much Andrea for my beautiful quilt and thank you Toni for running the swap.