Saturday, June 30, 2007

It's here...

My new Sewezi table actually arrived very promptly -I'm the slow one. We've been dealing with family birthdays - a big 18 year old and a cute 5 year old. You can see the cute one further down helping me put the table together. In fact apart from tightening the last screws I did very little. So here is the table all packed up neatly in its carry case.

Here's Colly about to add the tray for the machine...

and putting in the final touches.

Now to use it....
Thanks to everyone for their comments about my dilemma - I am really hoping that this will solve my problem. I'll be letting you know how it goes because I have some bindings to sew on this weekend.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


May Britt posted a tutorial for her pincushion which sparked some interest amongst my friends.
I can't seem to link to the exact post but if you go here and scroll down you can find it in case you don't already know about it. The pincushion at the front here is mine and the yellow topped one is my friend Dianne's. There may be more yet... I think they may have a habit of multiplying. This is the first time I have actually done piecing with papers and I did enjoy it so maybe I will have to think about what other projects I can do.
Just one thing I wonder - why is it that when I need to find my buttons I can't. I have a whole tin ....somewhere.... but when I was finishing this pincusion I could only find three. Luckily one of those was a cute pink flower one which goes very well with the project.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Thinking ahead...

I wonder if maybe I have been using the wrong thinking about a sewing area. I have been using the dining room table which usually ends up with my back hurting because it ends up being too high and I don't adjust by getting a better chair. Also it does cause friction having the machine set up on the table. With a family of 6 we need our table space. But I think maybe I was being negative and not really trying to solve the problem.
Then Susan put a comment on my blog saying -I'll wish for you to have a dedicated sewing corner as soon as possible. =) . This was really sweet and I thought if Susan wished this for me then it couldn't be too hard for me to wish for it too. Now storage space isn't a problem - so I don't need a big table/cupboard to keep everything in. I just need a place to have my sewing machine set up. I do have a small space I can use close to power points - it is a bit dark but I have an Ottlight which I can use as well. I thought about sewing cabinets but I don't really have the room to expand them out. So I have decided that maybe I could get a SewEzi table. It would have the advantage that if I did need to put everything away in the event of someone staying over or visitors that I could still do that.
So before I actually order it I was just wondering if there is anyone out there with opinions about these tables.
Thanks in advance....

Saturday, June 09, 2007

still here

Here's Uncle Colly and baby Iris - I am not sure how impressed she is with the whole thing.

The past week has been just busy with little things. There's been mending (teenage boys are rough on their clothes) and some pleasurable work by hand. The table runner is quilted and waiting for binding. I have three projects almost at the finished stage.

We've had welcome rain and back to blue skies again but now it is cold - after all it is winter here.

My nearly 18 year old son ( birthday on the 13th June) went to Australia Zoo (of Steve Irwin fame) yesterday and borrowed my camera. So I thought it was fair game to borrow his photographs. Obviously there are crocodiles there and Australian animals. But two other features are tigers and elephants. The elephants are retired circus elephants, and I think I heard that their handler is also their circus handler who retired with them. So just some random photos ...