Friday, May 02, 2008


It seems to have been quiet at our house but there are things going on in the background. But one problem for me in the blogging world is that my computer has died. It just means that my bank of photos are inaccessible at the moment. And the the two quilting projects I am working on are for swaps so they have to stay secret for a little while longer anyway. 

My husband has a new computer so I can get onto the internet to read blogs, which is good so I don't feel overwhelmed. The photo I've added is one from his computer where the children were playing with the photo program. What I want to know is why do children always think that sticking their tongues out makes for a funny photo. Just trying to find one without a totally silly face was hard but I found one of my little sunshine. When he smiles it just brightens up my day.

P.S. This is in reply to a comment from Quiltycat, which was left on my last post, one where I couldn't reply. The shop with the fabric wasn't the one at Geebung but at Bracken Ridge. I have nearly finished a top from one lot of fabric and I have also made a baby quilt top so at least my purchases haven't just been added to the stash.