Friday, March 28, 2008

stashbuster quilt

Last month a local quilt shop was closing down (everything at 50% - too good to resist) and my friend Dianne found some lovely batiks. She decided to use them to make this lovely quilt for a 21st birthday present. The pattern is here, and I think she made it bigger but I can't quite remember how many extra fat quarters she used. It really has turned out brilliantly and the girl who received it just loves it - and I can certainly understand why.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Easter!

Yesterday at school we had our Easter Bonnet Parade - here's a photo of Colly wearing the hat we whipped up in ten minutes before school on Tuesday. I think I'll stick to quilting rather than millinery.
And today it is Good Friday....... we have had a very quiet time at home today. I've been cleaning up my storeroom and reorganising my stash. I've found some very interesting things, but I can't reward myself with sewing yet - there are the magazines to be sorted.

Here's the full moon rising tonight, taken from the front of our house looking through the trees to the east. My eldest son always said that the Easter Bunny came from the east, maybe the moon is there to light his way.