Sunday, September 28, 2008

bag pattern

There have been a few requests for the bag pattern I used. The pattern was bought last year at the Craft and Quilt Fair where this shop had a stall. The good news is that they will be there again in a few weeks. The one I made is the Mini Carry All. They also have patterns for the Everyday Carry All and the Quilter's Carry All.
For my last Birthday my step daughter made me the the Everyday Carry All so I have some photos of that here, showing you the interior where she added an extra pocket and also a zip in the middle section. Basically it is the same pattern as the one I made but larger and is great for going to workshops and larger projects. She uses hers as a nappy bag and fits so many things in it.

And if you actually own an old copy of Country Threads ( Volume 4 No 1 - from 2004 I think) there is a similarly constructed bag made from charm squares, which has slightly different pockets but the basic shape is the same.

If anyone is seriously interested in getting a pattern email me privately and maybe we can work something out, as they should be available at the Craft Fair in a few weeks. Otherwise I see that the shop does do overseas mailings.


Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

Your bag is deee-vine. Love the colors and the stitching.

Anonymous said...

HMMMMM - Have been reading your blog, I know a bit about you now but you don't know anything about me, who am I? I am your small quilt swap partner, just wanted to drop by to say I enjoy reading your blog and that l'm busy working on your project, I do hope you'll like it.