Saturday, January 16, 2010

A change of thinking for 2010...

Two days before Christmas the family decided they wanted our billiard (pool) room back. Why should that seem like a problem? - well, that room had my sewing and ironing area in it. Pool tables are great for folding washing on, and hiding stash underneath. We won't talk about the ironing. So basically I was evicted........

My 'stuff ' was moved to another area but now I can't find anything at all. I had nothing to do with the move so I didn't have time to grab things which I use all the time. Now I am missing all my sewing machine feet except for the walking foot which just happened to be on the machine at the time, all but two reels of cotton and most of my recent stash. It's all there, the family knows better than to throw anything out but who knows which box,bag or crate everything is in. Yes, I know I could go through it all but at this stage I don't really have anywhere to put it and I still want to sew.

This is a little pincushion I made to add to my advent swap for Marina.

So this is where my change of thinking had to happen. Most of my current works in progress are misplaced so I am forced to go back even further and plan to finish some even older ones. Not really a bad thing. And I have a number of small kits which I have purchased over time and hidden in my wardrobe so I can still start something new.

And this is the final gift Marina got to open at Christmas. A table runner using the pattern from here ( I can recommend this one)

So after the initial shock and being annoyed ( that's an understatement) I decided that it was a waste of emotion to fuss about it. So I decided to be positive. 2010 is now a year to finish off things I can find (with no particular schedule) and making up things I had forgotten I had. I will of course be working on the tower of mysterious items - a bit like a lucky dip.

These are two of the mats I made for the children's teachers. I have been having so much fun working with this design.

So who knows what I will be posting about next - it might just be a surprise for me too. Now that I have come to terms with it all I am quite looking forward to the adventure of discovery.

And this is another one using the fabric I had previously used here, which was for another teacher. It is fun to see how using the stripes in different places makes a unique look.

It's school holiday time here still so progress will be slow but I have my own personal challenge to work on. I don't know where it will lead but I do plan to try to use what I have here. I didn't plan it this way but it is always good to try to turn things to a positive.