Sunday, August 03, 2008

Secret Santa Swap

Chookyblue's Christmas swap is on again ( yay!) but I think anyone who wants to be in it will have to be quick as it is filling up fast. This swap was the first swap I participated and was so much fun that I am jumping in again. I do have some ideas but nothing will be done until I find out who my partner is and I can decide what will be the most personal.

The picture above is showing you the table runner I received last Christmas from Sherry. While it is in Christmas colours, it isn't particularly a Christmas design and so I can use it all year round. I know that I posted about it before when I received it, however this picture shows where it is right now, because I just took this photo before starting the post. At the moment it is on my dining room table and to prove it isn't posed you can see the cord to my laptop at the back. So this has been an all year present which I just love. Thanks again, Sherry!

Thank you as well to Chookyblue for running this swap. I'm sure her email acount is running hot at the moment.

Another thing, and it gives thanks to Chookyblue again. I managed to put the pictures of the swaps on my sidebar. How ? Well, by following the instructions here. So hopefully I have done all my bloggy housekeeping for the moment.


Chookyblue...... said...

so nice to see your present again.......and welcome back for the 2nd SSCS.......

Shannah said...

INKY!!! lol Aren't her layouts awesome??? I teased and told her that mine was designed JUST for me LOL If you have any probs getting a layout to work, etc holler okay??

Did you see, SUE and MICHELLE!!! they have blogs too *falls over* LOL

**HUGS** Will work on more posts :) I do have stuffs to share,... slow but sure LOL

Shannah said...

Hello Inky!!!! I wanted to let you know that you have been nominated for an award over on my blog!!! **BIG HUGS**