Monday, September 22, 2008

swap catch up photos...

The last two weeks I have been getting lots of work so there hasn't been much time for sewing or computer. Who would have thought that there would be so much relief teaching work? Of course you have to factor in the fact that I do live in a city and there are lots of schools around which means lots of teachers to replace for the day. Now it is school holidays and while I have to do things with my family I am getting a little bit more time to myself to catch up.

I apologise to the makers of these beautiful items for not showing them off here sooner. And big thanks to both Kathy and Karol-Ann for their time and beautiful work.

Here's my Doll Quilt swap quilt from Sawyers Nana (Kathy) in Canada. Isn't it sweet? I have been doing a little bit of foundation piecing but nothing like this ! So that's another goal for me - to try something more like this. I also need to try to do some machine quilting of motifs like in the corners here. It always amazes me how much inpiration there is for me when I participate in these swaps.

And while I was out in my garden taking photos I took a photo of this ....

which is the beautiful bag Karol-Ann made for me in the Bag swap. Can you see how she chose a wonderful combination of my favourite colours? There are pockets inside which is great and there were even goodies in the pockets, which I just realized that I didn't take photos of. Included was a pincushion and fabric , a candle and a cute beaded chilli keyring. The keyring has caused no end of trouble in our house - why is it that six year old boys always think that everything should be for them and that parents of course will just jump at the chance of giving it to them? Forget it, the key ring is mine!

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Karol-Ann said...

I'll have to remember about 6 year old boys if I get to swap with you again!