Saturday, November 11, 2006

I was feeling sad about not having written anything and I realised that I was thinking that if I didn't have a photo it wouldn't be worth making a post. So I have to overcome that hurdle - to keep things up to date. There doesn't have to be a photo everytime, although that has also been a great incentive to take photos of things around me.

I am about to go and cut some fat quarters. On Wednesday I was a bit naughty and visited three local Quilt Stores. ( well I only bought things at two) Now for the rest of the year I am really going to try to to use just what I have here. I guess I can justify it this time in that I bought things that were for projects that I already had here. I did get some fat quarters which go with some other FQs I have here and that I what I am about to cut.

The reason for the picture of the magazine - well, I am in a number of yahoogroups and often I see there people writing about the price of magazines , and of course the Australian Magazines. Also from those groups I see things mentioned that are coming up in magazines which take a while to get over here. This one had a project that I was interested in and while a lot of the projects are fairly simple there are quilte few ideas which I think will be a big help in reducing stash. The point of all this - and I hate to admit it - is that I paid $23 Australian ( which is about $17.64 US) for this magazine. At that price I think I need to make every pattern in here to justify this. At times I think I should subscribe directly to magazines but I don't always want each one. I just bought the lastest Quilt Sampler too and that was $17. So I really need to start thinking about how much I really want these magazines.

So now off to cut - and it is something from this magazine although I could do it without the pattern. It was just good to have the visual idea, because I didn't know what I wanted to make with the fabric. I doubt if I will get the sewing done tonight or tomorrow for that matter but at least I will be ready.


joyce said...

I agree that magazines are way too expensive, although they are a bit cheaper here than over there and cheaper yet in USA. I have just gotten a subscription to Quilters Newsletter and keep telling myself to buy books rather than mags because they are nearly the same price. Magazines are inspiring though and I have to say I love reading them. Maybe a magazine swap group??

Pam said...

Boy - that is awfully expensive for a magazine. Maybe a swap group would be a good idea. Why are they so expensive? The Australian magazines are most expensive here in Canada as well.

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

It's a scandal isn't it?? The price we pay over here for US stuff is a disgrace. Fabric too - but you've all heard that rant from me before! I subscribe to Fons and Porter which makes it much cheaper, but there is another one I would like but they don't post to Australia. They have to be pretty good for me to pay the $20 bucks!

Anonymous said...

Ouch!!! Those prices are awful. I only buy the ones I want when I see them and have a subscription to a few. The worst thing is that there isn't much new in any of the magazines.

I can hardly wait to see what you are cutting out!