Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Gone Quilting

Seems like I have been away a long time from posting but I HAD to finish that quilt for my friend's birthday. I haven't done a lot of machine quilting so it is still an effort and this time I was using my new machine so had to adjust to that. But I do have to say that apart from handling a quilt bigger than I would have liked the machine handled it beautifully. I finished the quilt at midday and I was supposed to be at my friend's place for lunch. It still doesn't have a label but that can happen at my next visit. I guess I was disappointed by her reaction but maybe it was because there were other people there and she didn't want to make a big thing of it. She just whisked it away to her bedroom and that was it. I guess time will tell... she may talk about it more when we are one on one. I know that giving a quilt is like giving other gifts - sometimes we put a lot of time and thought into a gift and we have to accept that the receiver doesn't feel the same way. Still I am happy that I chose to give it. And I feel good because I have actually finished something. That is a big achievement for me.

And how to wrap the quilt? In the end I just used ribbon that matched the colours of the quilt. The stripe is the backing fabric ( yes, I know stripes are hard to get straight but I did a fairly good job.It was just that the fabric is from the same Pandolph range and it was a good price.) I wish the flash shot didn't make the quilt look so orange but the one I took without the flash was just too dark.


Jenni said...

That's a hard one isn't it? I suppose we put so much time and thought into the quilt, and convince ourselves that it is just what the other person will like, that we expect some sort of reaction.

His Office, My Studio said...

I agree with you so much. We work hard at our craft and love sharing with others. If the quilt gift I give is not wanted I hope the person passes it on to someone else who will love and use it.