Friday, October 20, 2006

too much shopping

Well, I ended up spending two days at the Craft Show which was definately too much for me. I always limit myself to one day which still usually means that I spend too much money. But I had already planned to go on Wednesday (with my quilting friends) and was meeting up with Jenni as well. ( That was fun to be able to put a face to the name) Then as my step daughter was going on Thursday my husband said he would look after the children so I could go with her too. Boy, was I worn out!
Of course I spent too much money butI did have some special things I was looking for. I am collecting older Jan Mullen/Stargazey fabrics and found these ones I didn't have. I have a Stargazey quilt in the planning and early stages and I want to make sure that I have a variety of the fabrics to choose from. So I am happy with that purchase. I found an Atkinson designs book I hadn't seen before and a bundle of cheap baby FQs, also I got two more Hey Diddle Diddle fabrics ( just something I seem to be collecting because I like the design.) There were a few other random FQs (not pictured) and some small scissors I needed/wanted. ( I had to surrender a pair of these recently on my plane trip to Hamilton Island. I had forgotten that I had a pair in my hand bag. The good thing is that they only cost $2.50 so it wasn't a huge loss but I wanted to replace them as soon as possible.)
Of course there were quilts to look at, with two displays at the show. And with lots of vendors represented there were lots of quilty things to view. There were lots of other crafts too - something for everyone.
Now I just have to make sure that I use what I got - the ideas are there but I need more time.....

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Jenni @ Fairybread said...

You didn't do too badly, especially after 2 days! I thought you would have bought more than that.