Monday, October 30, 2006

My weekend - Sunday - bushwalking and barbeque....

No quilting here either. My husband loves to get out with the family, so he organised for the family to go to Springbrook which is in the hinterland behind the Gold Coast.

It was cold and misty - this view though is looking towards the high rise buildings of Surfers Paradise but they don't show very clearly.

And here's the barbeque, with my husband on the left and my BIL on the right. I guess you could say that it wasn't a typical Australian meal as the main meat you can see is Cajun Chicken although our nephew had brought two pieces of kangaroo steak which you can see on the right corner of the plate. We did a short 4 kilometre walk to visit some waterfalls which were lovely as you can walk right behind them. Apart from the weather the day was lovely.


Pam said...

Welcome to Quilting 4 Pleasure.

I was wondering (strange question to come) is Kangaroo meat eaten often in Australia or is it more of a specialty meat? Seems strange to see it written - throw a kangaroo steak on the BBQ. Is it good? What meat is it similar to?

I am enjoying your blog - thank you

bettsy said...

Actually when I was little we used to buy kangaroo meat for the dog. Nowadays it is considered much more gourmet. It is a very lean meat,and I wouldn't think that it is a general meat to be eaten here,even though you can buy it at the supermarket. However my nephew who brought it says he eats it quite regularly.
Thank you for your comments.