Monday, October 02, 2006


This is what woke me up a few days ago. I think they waited until they were right over my bedroom to power up the burner. It had all the dogs in the neighbourhood barking, and everyone else in my house slept through it. It seems that we are often on the flight path for hot air balloons. There are about three regular ones - this one is advertising a wine company.

I think I have to keep my goals for October fairly short, as my time will be limited. My main goal will be to pin,quilt and bind the Just Can't Cut It quilt I have previously talked about. It is for a birthday on October 31 so that has priority.
My second goal is to find a special corner so I can set up my sewing machine in a more permanent place. That sounds simple but to do that I have to get through a lot of clutter to clear the space. These are two big jobs which need to be done and anything else I achieve will be a bonus.

There were some questions about the Little Quilt so here it is with its matching pincushion.


Shelina said...

It would be nice to live in an area where you could see pretty hot air balloons, but I am sure it would get pretty tiring really quickly if you have to wake up to all the ruckus. That quilt is really pretty.
I fully understand about clearing up clutter to find a place for the sewing machine.

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

Swampy used to go off her head when a balloon went over her previous house. I think a place where you can leave your machine set up is essential - it's a pretty good goal. You'll find somewhere - just chuck someone else's stuff in a corner!