Friday, December 24, 2010

You can't argue with this....

My eight year old son did this at school.
Santa and the reindeers exist.
I've heard some people say that Santa is not real. But I know he is real and if you read the following pages I will prove it to you.

When I wake up in the morning and I see Santa's footprints, surely this is evidence that he has been here and left presents.

In the night I hear my dog barking. This clearly shows that Santa is in the neighbourhood.

Santa is real because all the Christmas movies and songs like the Polar Express and songs like jingel bells,makes it s fact, and all would agree that Santa must be real.

Every year the news reporters say that Santa is on his way and we even see the footage.

Hope you learnt a lesson and instead of believing that Santa is not real and believe that he does exist.

Have we convinced you? I believe - do you?
Wishing everyone a very happy Christmas season.
Warm Wishes,
Lynda ( bettsylyn)


Maria said...

I believe I beleive!!!

What a gorgeous post Linda.

Have a lovley Christmas.

Melinda said...

He has convinced me! Merry Christmas.

Maria said...

Lovely!!! have a great day today!

Shasta said...

Your son is going to be a detective one day. He follows clues, collects and analyzes evidence and comes up with the proper conclusion. I believe too!

VeeV said...

it's a perfect story!!!

i believe too!!!

(i emailed you)

suz said...

Well if that isn't proof, I don't know what is! Absolutely wonderful!