Tuesday, December 07, 2010

3-2-1 swap

A little while ago I signed up for a swap with Paula at Coffee Time Stitches. The plan was to make a tote bag and add 3 things for stitching, 2 Christmas goodies, and one recipe.

My parcel arrived from Tasha but I'm afraid I can't show you what the parcel looked like as it arrived because it was too exciting and I couldn't wait to open it. I love blue and green and look at my bag - even though it is Christmas fabric it is in my favourite colours. Yay!

Inside the bag there was a pattern, some fat quarters, scissors with a cute scissor fob, and sadly I've just noticed that the cute Christmas notepad and gingerbread chap stick were cut from the photo. And did I mention the chocolate - well it had to go straight into the refrigerator, so it's not showing up. The recipe was for peanut butter cups which I know my boys love - so it was a great parcel.

The bag itself is huge and reversible - you can see more cute fabric inside which I could change to if I wish. It is one of those bags which will be perfect to carry all the presents around in when we go visiting.

And even though it is in Christmas fabric I have this earmarked as my new Yoga bag because it will be large enough to carry my mat and cushion, as well as my blanket in winter. It is absolutely perfect for that and now I can take one thing off my "things I want to make" list.
(I won't tell you how many things are left on that list though)
Thank you so much Tasha and also Paula for organising this swap.


Cheryll said...

I love the colours too! Great bag and a great idea!
Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I'll have to get involved with swaps next year; they certainly sound lots of fun! The colours in the bag are lovely...so fresh and cool!!