Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Miniature Booty Quilt Swap Received

Firstly my apologies for not posting this earlier than I have. It certainly wasn't because I didn't like it - that is so far from the truth as I LOVE it! And I certainly have been doing lots of showing off in real life. So here's the big unveiling of what I received from Serena - at the moment it is hanging over a picture frame at the entrance of my bedroom doorway where everyone can see it,which is why it doesn't look quite flat here. I wish I could take a photo to do it justice - maybe some time later.
Serena called it Ocean Waves. One reason is that I had said my favourite colours were blue and green - ocean colours. The pattern she used made her think of waves rolling - and she is right. But I also see ice creams and beach balls and bubbles - all beachy things. The orange is for sunrises and sunsets - it seems she noticed on my blog that I often have sunset pictures. I would have sunrise ones too if I was up early enough. It is hand pieced so everything is beautifully curved and quilted along the top of the 'waves'. Isn't she clever? And I am so lucky!

And this is my latest sunset picture - we had a big storm a few weeks back and this was what appeared after the rain had gone. (although there are still some low clouds).So no wonder Serena thought of orange - it almost looks the same colour!

And there might be some spaces left still in the second round of the Booty Swap if you are interested - I can recommend being in the fun.


Teresa said...

Pretty mini quilt and I can see why you love it. Your pictures are beautiful too. How's that new laptop working for ya???

Serena said...

Glad you liked it !!

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Those booty swap quilts are lovely!
And good luck with the very expensive vacuum bags! tracey