Monday, February 18, 2008

The little things add up...

No excuses made..... life has just been busy. January has seen my step daughter's 30th birthday (and party) and the kids going back to school. February has been about my son getting his wisdom teeth out, my husband hurting his back, my monitor blowing up ( which means using an ancient one I have here) and my birthday. I have a few posts to make to catch up which I aim to do over the next week. I should have enough to make one a day for a while - I think that it is an achievable goal.
I got a new camera for my birthday too - the photo above is from my old camera which still is a very useful one considering its size and ease of use. So it will be nice to have some new photos to post as well - when I work out how to get them on to the computer from the camera!

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