Saturday, June 09, 2007

still here

Here's Uncle Colly and baby Iris - I am not sure how impressed she is with the whole thing.

The past week has been just busy with little things. There's been mending (teenage boys are rough on their clothes) and some pleasurable work by hand. The table runner is quilted and waiting for binding. I have three projects almost at the finished stage.

We've had welcome rain and back to blue skies again but now it is cold - after all it is winter here.

My nearly 18 year old son ( birthday on the 13th June) went to Australia Zoo (of Steve Irwin fame) yesterday and borrowed my camera. So I thought it was fair game to borrow his photographs. Obviously there are crocodiles there and Australian animals. But two other features are tigers and elephants. The elephants are retired circus elephants, and I think I heard that their handler is also their circus handler who retired with them. So just some random photos ...


Sis said...

Wonderful pictures!! I especially love the one of the snake :) I LOVE zoo's :D

I actually posted on my blog,... still haven't gotten those dang pics done of the kitchen,... I will do that tomorrow :D Although, now I'm not so sure I enjoy the color much *sigh*

Jeanne said...

Great pictures. I love the snake pic the best. Did he have to ask the snake to pose that way?

Susan said...

Oh, that last pic is just perfect! It reminds me of that children's book, Verdi. What fun. He did a great job with the photos!