Saturday, January 20, 2007

Is this comet some secret?

I spend too much time on the computer and I am a master of collecting useless information. I always surprise my family with something or other that means nothing but sure peps up the conversation. So.... why wasn't I told about this comet ? I mean, I love these sorts of things. I only found out about it by reading an Australian quilting list. So of course I had to research it. How did it arrive without me knowing? I looked last night but there was too many clouds but tonight - WOW! Our house faces west from the top of a hill so once I found it it was so clear. The moon is just a little slither too and was setting, and with Venus ( evening star) shining as well it was magical. My daughter was rapt - she says she has been wishing to see a comet since she saw a shooting star two years ago. I wanted to try to put a photo in here - I used the tripod but the camera just doesn't have the power to get a good shot.
This is a link ( with more links) to an Australian blog which shows photos.
All I can say is - why wasn't I told?


Sweet P said...

I didn't hear about the comet either. But that's probably because I live in New Hampshire and not in Australia.

I know what you mean about gathering useless information on the internet. It's fun and can perk up a conversation. But do you ever wonder what we talked about before the internet?

Pam said...

I've seen pictures of the comet that were taken off the west coast of North America but I haven't been able to see the comet - because of all the rain we have been having here in Vancouver. It is quite the sight from what pictures I've seen.

Doodlebug Gail said...

I didn't hear about the comet either, but my parents live in South Africa and they were invited to a "Comet Party" on Saturday evening. The party was held on a house high up with a great view over the ocean. Apparently it was fantastic!