Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year !!!

Best wishes to everyone for 2007. New Year's Eve has also passed and now we are two days into 2007. I haven't really set any resolutions or goals although there are things which I want to continue from last year. However ..... I WILL do more sewing than I did last year.( That couldn't be too hard as I didn't do as much as I had planned). I haven't done anything for about a month due to the holiday season. Now I need to make a few lists and get going.
Hmm, maybe I will also plan to keep my blog up to date too... can't be too hard, can it?


Shelina said...

Happy New Year to you too! What a pretty picture! I wish you much success with your goals, and in general.

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

I think it's just that time of year Bettsy - hard to get going again after Christmas. We all deserve a little bit of down time.

Susan said...

Happy new year - and may you find much time for stitching! And blogging. =)