Wednesday, January 03, 2024

Intermission for a while. Now for 2024….

 It’s been a very quiet blog I’m afraid as 2022 and 2023 have been difficult years for me health wise. (I’m afraid I don’t really have any reasons for 2021 -sorry)

2022 began with a diagnosis of COVID on New Year’s Day. Then it was followed by a diagnosis of Breast Cancer, a lumpectomy, chemotherapy, losing my hair, and then radiation. Top that off with a fractured ankle and that was just about the year done.

The good news is that everything went as it was supposed to and I am doing well. But 2023 brought another COVID diagnosis, fatigue and foot and hand neuropathy. The neuropathy in my hands has made sewing difficult and rather slow.

Now I am ready to start again. I have lots of things I had started and now I need to finish them. So as a not very active member of Chooky’s Chookshed I am going to try to be more active both physically and mentally and finish a few things I have here by joining in with our challenge .                                        

I have just one problem though I use an iPad and the apps I used to use don’t seem to be around any more. So I am doing this through blogger and I can’t seem to remember how to highlight links or add photos so until I work it out things might be rather plain over here. Sorry.

 Watch this space…..