Sunday, September 28, 2008

bag pattern

There have been a few requests for the bag pattern I used. The pattern was bought last year at the Craft and Quilt Fair where this shop had a stall. The good news is that they will be there again in a few weeks. The one I made is the Mini Carry All. They also have patterns for the Everyday Carry All and the Quilter's Carry All.
For my last Birthday my step daughter made me the the Everyday Carry All so I have some photos of that here, showing you the interior where she added an extra pocket and also a zip in the middle section. Basically it is the same pattern as the one I made but larger and is great for going to workshops and larger projects. She uses hers as a nappy bag and fits so many things in it.

And if you actually own an old copy of Country Threads ( Volume 4 No 1 - from 2004 I think) there is a similarly constructed bag made from charm squares, which has slightly different pockets but the basic shape is the same.

If anyone is seriously interested in getting a pattern email me privately and maybe we can work something out, as they should be available at the Craft Fair in a few weeks. Otherwise I see that the shop does do overseas mailings.

Monday, September 22, 2008

My bag for the bag swap...

I don't think this bag has arrived yet so it is still a secret who will be receiving it but while I'm here posting I thought I would show some photos. You can't really see them but there are pockets also on the side.
The construction of the bag creates pockets inside as well.
And here is the stitching on the front pockets, which is a Red Brolly design from the book Flowerbed.

swap catch up photos...

The last two weeks I have been getting lots of work so there hasn't been much time for sewing or computer. Who would have thought that there would be so much relief teaching work? Of course you have to factor in the fact that I do live in a city and there are lots of schools around which means lots of teachers to replace for the day. Now it is school holidays and while I have to do things with my family I am getting a little bit more time to myself to catch up.

I apologise to the makers of these beautiful items for not showing them off here sooner. And big thanks to both Kathy and Karol-Ann for their time and beautiful work.

Here's my Doll Quilt swap quilt from Sawyers Nana (Kathy) in Canada. Isn't it sweet? I have been doing a little bit of foundation piecing but nothing like this ! So that's another goal for me - to try something more like this. I also need to try to do some machine quilting of motifs like in the corners here. It always amazes me how much inpiration there is for me when I participate in these swaps.

And while I was out in my garden taking photos I took a photo of this ....

which is the beautiful bag Karol-Ann made for me in the Bag swap. Can you see how she chose a wonderful combination of my favourite colours? There are pockets inside which is great and there were even goodies in the pockets, which I just realized that I didn't take photos of. Included was a pincushion and fabric , a candle and a cute beaded chilli keyring. The keyring has caused no end of trouble in our house - why is it that six year old boys always think that everything should be for them and that parents of course will just jump at the chance of giving it to them? Forget it, the key ring is mine!

Sunday, September 07, 2008


All I seemed to achieve for the month was my two little swap quilts, and some work on my bag swap. However I did manage to get them sent more or less on time, perhaps a little late. I had two swaps to do - the Doll quilt swap 4 and the miniature booty swap 2. As far as I know they haven't been received yet so I can't say who will be getting them but I can post post photos. The Storm at Sea one is for the Miniature Booty swap and the japanese one is for the Doll quilt swap. They are both about 20 inches square. I am not very happy with my photos - I think I rushed them just before I went to the post office. Also it was when I was sick and not feeling very creative. I certainly need to work on that particular area.
And I have received my quilt from the doll quilt swap - I'll post about that one tomorrow. Many thanks for that little beauty. ( but I'll do a proper post about that)

August went ......somewhere....

This is how I feel about August... head down and tail up... this cute little duck was performing for me at our Botanic Gardens a few weeks ago.

There were two major happenings in August for our family. Firstly, after a long long time being at home, I decided to enter back into the workforce. Way back in another life time I was a teacher, and so it seemed that a good possibility would be to do some relief work. The family has all had to adjust - just in the sense of timetabling and also the fact that Mum isn't always there to do what they need.
The second thing was a result ( I think) of the first. Of course - going around and working in classrooms where the teacher is probably away due to illness and the children are sick too - it is inevitable that I should get sick and then pass it on to my family. Over two weeks later we are all finally recovering.
hmmm... time for me to get organized...