Saturday, September 01, 2007

Computers and spring...

Here in Australia the first day of September is considered to be the first day of Spring. I can't argue with that as I am wearing short sleeves and it is a beautiful day. And the first day of anything is as good a day as any to remind everyone to do a bit of spring cleaning ( or similar) whether it is spring or not.

Let me explain a bit more - the night before last my computer got into a temper tantrum because it had a hiccup while shutting down. Now this error meant that I thought that I would have to reinstall Windows and all the grief that goes with that - like losing the photos and email addresses that I hadn't backed up etc. I am fairly good at backing things up ( I put things onto DVD, I don't know if it is the best method but it works for me at the moment.) But of course I wasn't up to date. We do have another computer and I could get onto the internet to search for things so I had a bit of information about the problem. I had been working on it but not really getting anywhere when a unexpected visitor came and helped. Between the two of us we managed to get Windows repaired and I haven't lost any files. *huge sigh of relief*
The first thing I did was back up everything I wanted. So far I can find a few things that are different. For some reason my computer has gone back to IE6 and I can't get into blogger using IE. I need to sort out my virus protection program as well. These are all small things considering what I could have been having to do with a complete reinstall.

Now the point of all this - do you have things on your computer that you need to back up? If so , do it now, in whatever method you use. The first day of the month is a good date to set to do this, and hopefully I can heed my own words and keep things up to date.

On a quilty note - I've hit a slump and don't even feel like starting anything new. But I have some borders to put on a few quilts so I am going to just plug on with that and hopefully the satisfaction of finishing a top or two will give me the motivation to get back into things.

The photo is another one of the sunsets I see from my back deck, from a few weeks ago. ( and it is backed up onto disk, I assure you)