Saturday, July 12, 2008

Pincushion swap

Thanks to Linda at All Stitched Up there was a cute pincushion swap. Here's the one I received from Betsy which is a beautiful Cathedral Windows one using fabulous fabrics. Don't you think that cathedral windows lends itself perfectly for this project?

And here's the one I have sent to my partner. I haven't heard yet whether she has received it so I can't reveal who it is for yet. I wasn't originally going to use this fabric - I had another one picked out but when I found the buttons they seemed to go with this one so much better. It is actually the same fabric I used in my Blogger siggie square last year.( Talk about that has started a little bit again due to this post here.) And the fabric also went beautifully with the DMC varigated thread I wanted to use as well.
The pattern for this isn't actually a pincushion - I made a variation of one of the 5 Golden rings from here. Thanks again Linda - it was a lot of fun.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Another Little Quilt Swap

Here's the lovely little quilt I received from Amy in the Little Quilt Swap. This one really says doll quilt to me - I don't know why some designs suggest that more to me than others. Amy said on her blog that she was happy with her points. She certainly should be because they worked out really well. I've always avoided too many points, maybe this will give me inspiration to give them a go. So thank you Amy!

And this is the quilt I made for the same swap. I don't think it has arrived yet so I won't say too much at this stage.
I am going away for two or so days, when I get back I need to do some updating and tweaking to my blog to make it work better for me. I'll have my pincushion swap photos to post then as well.