Saturday, September 20, 2014

What a week! (One)

This has been such a week of activity. Last Saturday it was a visit to the Samford quilter's show. That was lovely with morning tea included but although I took photos I won't post them as I don't know if there is permission. There was also a display of wedding dresses which was interesting, oh how things have changed and to be honest I liked the older ones. I should have taken a photo of those. ( Never mind)

Sunday saw me travelling up the range to Toowoomba to The Quilter's Angel for their Stitcher's Dream Day Out. Quite a group of Brisbane girls were there, which was lovely as it made for a great social day. There have been a few blogs with posts about that - with far better photos than mine. This photo shows the four projects for the day. We get the patterns for four and the makings for one. I received the teddy cameo one. The designers were Libby Richardson and Debbie McGee.

We also did the painting of the teddy bear so I am keen to finish that too, although it may not end up as a cushion.

Here's a view of the room before we all took it over. And also a little needle case (butterfly) which was an extra project by Debbie McGee. It was really cute and looks easy to sew.

Tuesday saw our Tuesday kitchen table group get together which is always fun.

So that is half of the week, but it doesn't stop there. Another post coming soon.