Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A rambling sort of everything post...

Hasn't been a lot of posting going on here, has there?
We've had two birthdays in the house - one son turned 20 and Colly turned 7.

Here's a quick update for June -

We've all been sick. Poor little Colly has been absent from school for nearly a week and even having his 7th Birthday last Sunday didn't quite do the trick of cheering him up. Everybody in the house has also been sick at some time or another this week so there hasn't anything creative going on. We seemed to run out of bed linen and it was raining too so nothing was drying. I still have two wet doonas...

One thing I did learn is that you shouldn't operate rotary cutters when you are sick. Why? Well for the first time ever ( and I know there is always a first time) I sliced my finger with the rotary cutter. I'll spare you the gory details but it did prove to me that when they say don't operate machinery they don't always mean the big things.

Here's a photo of my partner's paper bag swap items. It isn't a good one because when I got the package I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it and started cutting it up. Then I remembered to take the photo so had to do it with the flash which never looks as good. Can't show you what I've done yet though...

It's school holiday time next week here in Queensland.

We're off to the Whitsundays ( Airlie Beach to be precise). I might manage a post before then but if I don't - see you when I get back and am ready to bore everyone with holiday snaps.