Saturday, November 01, 2014

Exhausted, tired, over emotional and just over it all.

Note - the over emotional part of this is because I have just written this post and it didn't publish and has disappeared to I don't know where. It was hard enough to write it the first time, now I have to do it again.



My mother is a hoarder. You could say that it is like those shows on TV except I didn't have to deal with yucky food stuff. My husband would have had everything sent to the dump but it actually doesn't work like that.

A year ago my mother went into an aged care facility. Prior to that I was dealing with her illness. This year has been the year of dealing with her stuff.

I am an only child, so this has been my job. I have a wonderful supportive friend who has been with me, helping, guiding, and generally being there. I could not have done this without her, and I will be forever grateful.

This year has seen me walking a fine line of keeping my mother happy thinking that all her stuff is safe and keeping my family happy spending time with them.

So we started in March sorting through kitchen and laundry stuff, one or two days a week. We then stepped it up a bit and in June we started to attack this......

This was the back enclosed area of her place in June. We took loads to the dump. We filled the rubbish and recycling bins with as much as we could. We packed, and tossed. We found some good things and some bad. But we kept on.

My mother is also an only child so there was also stuff from my grandmother. She died in 1982, and her stuff had been packed since then. I doubt if it had been looked at but it had to be kept didn't it?

Mum's place is in an over 50's village so they have actually given me until today to vacate. Luckily I have a bit of extra time, but probably only until next Thursday as on Friday I have to go into hospital for the day to have a tooth removed. I have some other small health issues I have to see to as well when I get the time.

I am almost there. I have done two of the bedrooms,most of the house but I still have her bedroom to do. At this stage I still haven't worked out what to do with the furniture. I have been there just about every day this month.

I grew up thinking that it was normal to live this way. Everyday I still fight with the thinking patterns I learned as a child. I haven't told my mother just how much I have thrown away. It all has value in her eyes. She has mentioned quite a few times that I mustn't throw out those early editions of Cleo from the 70's because they must be worth a fortune by now. I am past caring if they are or they aren't.

I am exhausted - physically and mentally. I need to just sit and get myself back to where I want to be. I have learnt lessons I didn't really want to but hopefully which will make me a stronger person.

I will leave a thought here - please don't keep things because they are too good to use. I have been told this all my life and it has brought my mother and I to this point in 2014. She is unable to change but I can. I have seen how things deteriorate and then have to be thrown out, just because they were too good to use. I will use things and enjoy them and I won't leave a legacy such as this one for my family.



Saturday, September 20, 2014

What a week! (One)

This has been such a week of activity. Last Saturday it was a visit to the Samford quilter's show. That was lovely with morning tea included but although I took photos I won't post them as I don't know if there is permission. There was also a display of wedding dresses which was interesting, oh how things have changed and to be honest I liked the older ones. I should have taken a photo of those. ( Never mind)

Sunday saw me travelling up the range to Toowoomba to The Quilter's Angel for their Stitcher's Dream Day Out. Quite a group of Brisbane girls were there, which was lovely as it made for a great social day. There have been a few blogs with posts about that - with far better photos than mine. This photo shows the four projects for the day. We get the patterns for four and the makings for one. I received the teddy cameo one. The designers were Libby Richardson and Debbie McGee.

We also did the painting of the teddy bear so I am keen to finish that too, although it may not end up as a cushion.

Here's a view of the room before we all took it over. And also a little needle case (butterfly) which was an extra project by Debbie McGee. It was really cute and looks easy to sew.

Tuesday saw our Tuesday kitchen table group get together which is always fun.

So that is half of the week, but it doesn't stop there. Another post coming soon.


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Christmas in July Swap

I know, I know it's August. But Christmas did arrive in July. You can see what I received from Sharm. Thank you Sharm and Cheryll too ( our great organiser)

There was a Christmas Apron, which is just right for when I cook the Christmas pudding. I am the family Christmas pudding maker and I have been making it since I was old enough to do so. I have a recipe which has been handed down through a few generations - there have one or two changes but generally it has stayed the same for the time that I have been making it. So this year I will look the part and certainly be in the right mood for pudding making.

A cute little mouse pincushion is there too. I don't think he will be stirring on Christmas Eve although he might jump a bit if I put a pin in him. And included were some lovely candle melts. These are headed for the bathroom as both my tradie son and I like having relaxing baths. So Sharm really hit the jackpot with these choices, didn't she?

And yummy goodies too - do I need to say anything more?

So thank you Sharm and Cheryll - it's nice to feel special half way through the year.


Tuesday, June 03, 2014

The Chookshed Anniversary.


Lots of people were sewing along with Chooky for the anniversary of her chookshed. I wish I had been able to be there in person but time was spent at home working on the hexagons for the project we started at Nundle this year. I can't believe just how long they are taking.

The white paper behind is what I started using when I was setting them out. The designer of this project - Lynette Anderson - suggested using double sided sticky tape on paper to keep things in order. Not a bad idea and I did use it to start with as it did prevent the little hexis going everywhere. I bought an extra fat quarter of the dark red spot to add in for a bit of contrast which I am happy about.

The plan is to have it finished by next year when we go back to Nundle to work with Lynette again.

So Happy Anniversary to the Chookshed. We'll hopefully celebrate with you again next year.



Saturday, February 15, 2014

Initial heart swap and birthday


I joined in Cheryll's Initial Heart Swap for the second time and my partner was Anthea of Hibiscus Stitches. She sent me a beautiful lacy heart, some post it notes which I unfortunately cropped from the photo,some pins and sweeties and a birthday candle. Anthea knew my birthday was coming up so she included the candle for fun. Thank you so much Anthea.
Doesn't the heart look lovely?
I made Anthea a bag with a heart embroidery on it. This was a pattern I received last year at the Stitcher's Dream Day Out run by the Quilter's Angel in Toowoomba.
The pattern was designed by Ella and Skysie Designs who have quite a few crinoline patterns. The designer said that she liked to have a bag which she could use when she was watching the kids at sport. The one handle goes on the arm and hold balls of wool while knitting or crocheting,without going all over the place. I'm sure that it would suit other uses as well. There are pockets inside as well. I also included a bath bomb too - I hope Anthea finds the time to relax with it. (And eat the M and M's I included as well).

Yep, I had another birthday yesterday. I wonder what my friends and relatives think about me - either I am hard to buy for or they think I have a secret gambling side to me. However I promise that I won't spend all of my $4 winnings too quickly. It was a bit disappointing to not win more with so many scratch-its. I still have a lotto ticket for tonight, that might be the one.

As for other presents, well, I'm sure I will enjoy my new radiator, battery, rear brakes, new engine mount block and other things for the car. It doesn't matter to me though as I always say my weekend trip to Girl's Day in the Country next month is as good as an actual gift and now I have $4 more spending money. Looking forward to seeing everyone again and meeting some bloggers I've met on the net but not in person. (Waving to Shez)


Just a piece of birthday trivia - I was born in the afternoon but it was a full moon that night. Last night for my birthday there was a full moon again. I'm off to see how many other times this has happened. ( just discovered that it is 19 years since the last time this happened)


Saturday, January 25, 2014

Learning something new.

Two days ago my teenage daughter asked me if I could teach her to crochet. This was at 5.30 pm and she knew I was going out in an hour. I didn't want to discourage her as she can give up on an idea easily ( and would probably never speak to me again if she knew I had written that). So I took the time to show her how to do a chain and double and treble stitches. Then I had to go...... But I left her with a wonderful tutorial from here.

By the time I got home she had created the little granny square and since then she has gone on to make the larger square. The reason she has stopped - well she has run out of wool. And of course we only had one ball. But never fear we will get some more.

I think she is on to something and it makes me happy seeing her doing something crafty.

As for me, well, there seems to have been nothing crafty going on at all, maybe next week when the kids go back to school.

Thank you to Shelley at Spincushions for the wonderful tutorial. It certainly helped one teenager to learn to crochet.


Thursday, January 09, 2014

Christmas Swap Goodies.

There has been quite a bit going on here lately. Of course there was Christmas where we were at my inlaw's for two days. A few days later, my brother in law had his sixtieth birthday party and the next day we went camping, with no internet, phone coverage or showers. We saw the New Year in while we were away. We came home to a 50th birthday event. A few other things kept me busy which not worth mentioning,and now life is becoming normal again.
A few things which are worth mentioning are the wonderful gifts I received in swaps. I've been in Chookyblue's swap every year so far and it was great to participate again. Here's the main gift I received from Carole in the USA. It's not the best photo as it doesn't show the beautiful appliqué work. I just haven't had time to find a place where it will show off the stitchery. There was a photo a post or so ago which showed the other things from the parcel I received - the ornament,chocolate and cute pattern. Thank you Carole and also Chookyblue and Googy Girl for the organising.
In the Santa Sack swap which Cheryll runs I was partnered with Dasha who sent so many wonderful things. Unfortunately the actual sack didn't make the photo because it was in use as a carry bag for everything over Christmas. Dasha made me a name tag, a bag for my cut off threads, beautiful zippy bag, a really useful pincushion to sit at the front of my machine. It is long and skinny and will sit just in front of my machine where I won't knock it off, which is something I do regularly with my other one. And finally, check out my cute Christmas Angel - isn't she just fabulous!
Peg was my partner in Maree's 6 item swap with something smelly (lovely soap), something for the sewing room ( a Rosalie Quinlan stitchery,a fat quarter,and one of Peg's little sewing sets) an ornament for the tree, ( a cute wooden reindeer) something to eat, (mug and coffee's and chocolate!) some thing to read (magazine and a great clip board which has been in use constantly)and something for under the tree. I just realised that my collage picture wasn't the clearest for that gift but there was a lovely table runner,a cupcake tea towel and a Christmas stitchery. I think I might do another photo to show these things better.
So thank you Peg for all the wonderful Peg goodness,I love it all.
And thanks Maree too for running this swap.

I can't say how blessed I have been this Christmas with my swaps and swap partners. I want to thank each and every one for the wonderful things I received and the wonderful people who run these swaps as well.

Thank you and warm wishes to all.