Thursday, March 26, 2009

March Challenge...

This is the little quilt I have made for the March Challenge on the British Quilt List. The method to use this month was printing photos on fabric. I used a photo of my little guy on the beach at Byron Bay in winter and once again I dipped into my scrap bag of batiks. I am really enjoying doing this, although I could do without my daughter complaining about the fact that I didn't use a photo of her. I wonder what next month will be.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

660 Kilometres and 8 hours

That's the distance and time it took each way to get to Nundle ( NSW) from where I live. Was it worth it? You bet it was !!!!! It was a bit scary being a new attendee and going on my own but everyone was so friendly and we had so much fun I didn't need to worry.

Girl's Day Out in the Country is a perfect description of what it is - a day of chatting, sewing and sharing. Run beautifully by Kerry and with Leanne and Rosie to guide us we had a great time.

Here's Leanne showing how to do her applique project....

which looks like this...

And Rosie's projects were also beautiful...

Oops, sorry about the sideways view

I worked on Rosie's punch needle on the day as well as some of the little stitchery for the needlecase.

Here's the hall where we were working...

And this is the early morning view from the cabin where I stayed...

And here is a happy group of bloggers...
Thanks to everyone for a wonderful time.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

One of the reasons...

This is one of the things which kept me busy recently. There were wisdom teeth removed from my 16 year old, a lost filling (mine) and this...

The cast now has a nice blue covering (with green stripes). He is off to the hospital again tomorrow - I don't know if they are going to change the cast or not. He's adapted fairly well which is good and he has loved the attention. I hope that he doesn't think that this is a good way to get attention all the time.

BQL February Challenge

Okay, so I know it is March but this is one of my February catch up posts. I have been participating in the BQL ( British Quilt List) yahoo group challenge. I have been really enjoying it too. This is the one we did for February which was based on a string piecing design.
I was trying to get a rainforest feel however it seems to have more blue in it that I planned. The fabric was from a scrap bag I bought at a local quilt shop.

To try and get a leafy feel I decided to quilt eucalypt leaves on it. I looked at photos of the type of leaves I wanted and drew a few rough lines on the quilt and then filled in the rest free hand( or rather machine).

I actually am quite happy with it and and am enjoying the challenges presented.
The top for March is done - so when it is quilted I will be able to show you that one too.

Just a quick one...

I still have heaps to write about but I have a few minutes on the computer. Now I don't usually put these things on my blog but I did this one this morning and this is what came up.

Your rainbow is shaded blue.

What is says about you: You are a tranquil person. You appreciate friends who get along with one another. You share hobbies with friends and like trying to fit into their routines.

Find the colors of your rainbow at

Edit: I have no idea why the colour thing in the box isn't working. However it don't matter - it just makes for a plain old blog post today.
Now, this is just relevent to my life at the moment. Firstly the colours are definately my favourites. I'm not so sure about the tranquil person bit but I'd like to be so that's fine. The next sentence comes very close to home although I'd like to put family in instead of friends ( just an extended family issues that I wish I wasn't involved in and hope it will resolve.) Or maybe it applies to my upcoming trip to Nundle for the Girls Day out in the Country - of course we will all be getting along famously, I'm sure.

And then it says about sharing hobbies with friends - How did they know? Sometimes you wonder how these things like this get something right.

I'm working on my BQL challenge piece at the moment. I haven't even posted about the one for February. It's definately catch up time.