Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas to All...

These photos were taken at the Christmas Tree Festival at St. Luke's in Toowoomba. There were so many trees which had all been decorated by groups from around the city. There were lots of ideas and so many things to look at.

If you had been saving those little tags off your bread bags you could have made these interesting wreaths. I know that with the number of these tags that I throw out I could have decorate the tree all on my own. Still I had to look twice to see how they were made.
One of the embroider's groups had made these beautiful ornaments...

And so I wish everyone a peaceful and happy time this holiday season.

P.S. There is an Australian Christmas Carol called The Three Drovers. This picture below shows one interpretation of that. I am a bit worried about Action Man though. It doesn't seem like he is looking after the sheep very well.

I've just realised that it is after midnight and Santa is about to come. I'm off to bed... or he mightn't bring me anything.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sewing, well yes...

I've been suffering from a cough which is driving me crazy and as a result I haven't felt like doing anything much. Of course there is a lot I should be doing, but instead I have been doing this...

You might have seen the pattern here

Instead of doing french knots ( which I don't like doing) I used Mill Hill beads.
I am a rather disappointed with the photos I took - but they will have to do for now. The green fabric is not really that dark and I got some strange shadows. I think I need to go and read my camera instruction manual a bit more.

Secret Santa arrived

I am very happy to announce that my Secret Santa arrived the other day.

The box.....

And this was inside, which is now under my Christmas tree.

Have I peeked? Well maybe that's another part of the secret.....

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Look who has come to live at our house...

It's Digby the Dragon.

One day Colly and I were travelling around the internet and we found a photo of a very cute dragon. Of course what 6 year old boy wouldn't want one ? And it was a giveaway... so we added a comment and didn't really think any more about it as I never win anything. SO you can imagine how excited we were to find that Digby (we named him) was going to come and live at our house. He is just wonderful and Jess (also known as Picklesticks) looks like she is going to make some more. I have to say that they are just beautifully made and would be a great addition to a family. I don't have any more details than that but you can always contact Picklesticks.

Digby was very excited to find that there was already a castle and some knights to go and play with ( otherwise known as my daughter's 2008 Castle Lego advent calendar.) It looked like things might get a little rough there for a while but really they all turned out to be good friends.
He did have to take a little bit of time out to go crusading with Colly.

Thank you so much for the giveaway Jess. We just love him. He is certainly very happy and busy here.