Monday, September 14, 2015

A busy weekend.

While lots of people seemed to be off on sewing weekends, I was having a different sort of weekend. My youngest boy had a weekend of sporting activity and even though I prepared some stitching to take it didn't even get opened.

On Saturday his Under 13 Rugby League team played in the Grand Final. We didn't win but this team of boys have been winners all along - with their support of each other and their great spirit. They played their best for the full time and never gave up. He's number 10 in this photo.

And then on Sunday we had an all day Volleyball tournament. It was an early start in the morning as we had to go to the Sunshine Coast and then it was a late night home. But the boys won all their matches and so were the winning team for Under 13 boys. Here's an action shot of my boy in flight after getting the ball over the net.

I am so proud of him for his dedication.

I did manage something crafty though. On Saturday I managed to squeeze in a visit to a show put on by the Nundah Cottage Group Quilters. Afterwards I was off to our Final celebrations at the Clubhouse. It was lovely to see all the quilts and have afternoon tea which came included in the entry price. My friend Dianne had a few quilts hanging and I took this one showing her Abacus quilt ( pattern made using the Quick Curve Ruler). Dianne and I went to a class for this one a while back. Yes, hers is finished and mine, well.......

We had a rotten August with the flu - with my husband's significant '0' birthday a write off. We finally got through with the hope that September would be much better but now we all have colds - not as bad as flu but certainly enough to have lost my mojo for anything except sleeping. I am so looking forward to getting better.

I hope everyone out there is feeling full of spring bounce and not carrying the left overs of winter. Stay well.


Wednesday, September 02, 2015

A perfect Match.

At the end of June our Sunday Stitching group had a mini quilt swap. I received my swap from Alison who made me a beautiful little mini quilt with the teensiest of half square triangles and in my favourite colours of "blue and green and everything inbetween". These are not colours that Alison uses very much so I appreciate her effort to make something especially for me. She even provided the hanger.

About the same time at Sunday Stitchers, De had the bright idea of offering us mini quilt frames which she and her husband would make. When I say it was a bright idea, I don't think that they realised that just about all of us would want one which made it a much bigger job than they thought.

Last Sunday's meeting saw the delivery of our frames. What a mighty effort! And I have come home and fitted my beautiful little quilt from Alison to the frame.

It's a perfect match! Doesn't it look fabulous? I can still use the other hanger if I want to change things around and hang it back on the wall, but for the moment this is staying like this.

Thank you Alison and De for this lovely combination - truly a perfect match.