Saturday, February 15, 2014

Initial heart swap and birthday


I joined in Cheryll's Initial Heart Swap for the second time and my partner was Anthea of Hibiscus Stitches. She sent me a beautiful lacy heart, some post it notes which I unfortunately cropped from the photo,some pins and sweeties and a birthday candle. Anthea knew my birthday was coming up so she included the candle for fun. Thank you so much Anthea.
Doesn't the heart look lovely?
I made Anthea a bag with a heart embroidery on it. This was a pattern I received last year at the Stitcher's Dream Day Out run by the Quilter's Angel in Toowoomba.
The pattern was designed by Ella and Skysie Designs who have quite a few crinoline patterns. The designer said that she liked to have a bag which she could use when she was watching the kids at sport. The one handle goes on the arm and hold balls of wool while knitting or crocheting,without going all over the place. I'm sure that it would suit other uses as well. There are pockets inside as well. I also included a bath bomb too - I hope Anthea finds the time to relax with it. (And eat the M and M's I included as well).

Yep, I had another birthday yesterday. I wonder what my friends and relatives think about me - either I am hard to buy for or they think I have a secret gambling side to me. However I promise that I won't spend all of my $4 winnings too quickly. It was a bit disappointing to not win more with so many scratch-its. I still have a lotto ticket for tonight, that might be the one.

As for other presents, well, I'm sure I will enjoy my new radiator, battery, rear brakes, new engine mount block and other things for the car. It doesn't matter to me though as I always say my weekend trip to Girl's Day in the Country next month is as good as an actual gift and now I have $4 more spending money. Looking forward to seeing everyone again and meeting some bloggers I've met on the net but not in person. (Waving to Shez)


Just a piece of birthday trivia - I was born in the afternoon but it was a full moon that night. Last night for my birthday there was a full moon again. I'm off to see how many other times this has happened. ( just discovered that it is 19 years since the last time this happened)