Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Peg and Dale go on a Cruise. ( November 2012)

I was going through my photos and found some of Peg and Dale which I hadn't posted. They have a very exciting event coming up so I thought I should get them on my blog before then.
When they first came to Queensland they were a bit put off by the locals, at our Friday Craft Group.
 Gee Dale, I know they said Queenslanders were a bit different but I didn't realise how much.

 Airlie Beach with Cruise ship in the background.

Peg, why did that horrible boy put us on the barbeque?
 A buffet lunch with the Cairns cousins -Blacky and Creamy.
 Of course we came for the total solar  eclipse. Keep your glasses on!
 Was it all worth it? You bet!
 I think this is one time we are going to do as we are told, Dale.
 What's the big idea,Peg? They bring us the cocktail menu and then we get a cup of tea.
That was fun! Can we do it again sometime?


Susan said...

Queen slanders are a bit different.......but very nice!

Marilyn said...

These girls have had so many adventures in the year. Enjoy your Big Event - should be so much fun.

Lida said...

They are great fun, and your imagination is doing overtime! Hugs

Susan said...

Love the Friday Craft Group shot!

Anonymous said...

funny post Lynda,gee these two girls get around,they have gone more places than me,lol.xx

Chookyblue...... said...

oh I am glad you posted these........the girls have had a great year.......

the girls don't look like they were fitting in too well.........