Monday, November 02, 2009

Finally something to show....

There's been quite a bit of secret crafty Christmas stuff going on in this household but because it is for swaps and presents I can't show very much.

I made this for a friend's birthday over the weekend. I don't think she even knows about my blog so I think I can safely show this here ( she hasn't been given it yet but her birthday was two days ago). It is a runner made from border fabric, which I have had here for quite a while. I wish I had bought more than a metre because it would have been nice to make it longer - just something I'll need to remember for next time when I see a suitable fabric.

When I first made it I thought it was waaaayyy too busy but really it has turned out quite well and I certainly will do more. I have some ideas of how to adapt the pattern for two fabrics - that should be fun too and I already have something suitable in my stash.

Here is the runner on my dining room table - I hope my friend likes it, she always likes decorating her house for Christmas.

And this is outside in the garden ( I thought the light might be better.)
When I went to the craft show a week or so ago I treated myself to a new 60 degree ruler so I could have a play with one of the new Anka's Treasures patterns. Now I already own at least 2 rulers of this shape but another one (bigger) will always be useful, I'm sure. Then I realised that I could use this runner pattern as well as it is the ruler suggested in the pattern. The pattern is one that used to be on the Timeless Treasures site but it isn't any more which is sad, probably because the fabric it is written for is out of production.
Here you can see the ruler and the pattern and the leftovers from cutting out the runner. I think I can make something else out of the cut offs - that will be great to have as an extra for someone's Christmas stocking.

I really enjoyed this one.


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Lynda that is just lovely...

Bec said...

it is beautiful! There are so many ways to use border fabrics. Jinny Beyer uses them a bit and the effects are amazing!

Teresa said...

Its a beautiful table runner. I am going to have to try that one out.

Maria said...

Hi Lynda,

My name is Maria Wilson and I am your Xmas swap partener. I live in Dongara ,a fishing and tourist town in WA.

Apart from traditional colours I will love whatever you make.

Do you have any preferences as I have a tiny orament I have made but will wait in case you do wish something special.

Your table runner is beautiful.

pascale said...

Hello Linda,
I just spent some time drooling over your projects, I love your blog.
Pascale from BQL