Friday, January 23, 2009

Where are you?

Back in 2007 there are a number of bloggers who participated in a siggie swap. Actually I think it was my first taste of international swapping. Some were efficient and there have been some lovely quilts made - I just can't find any blogs with photos of finished ones at the moment.
After the swap closed I was contacted by Connie who had missed out, and we went on to do an individual swap. Others did the same and you can see the blocks she received on her blog . ( Scroll down a few posts.)
Even though I did say I was going to try and keep the amount of swaps down this year I have signed up again because it was fun last time and a little different.
So here's the point of the title... I have just checked the list of swappers and there are only 2 Australians. In Connie's latest post she says there are only 7 more spaces - how about it Australians... we need a few more of us.
The information is here .

I just thought we needed some more representation - but I think you will have to be quick.

Thank you Connie for doing this.

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