Saturday, December 06, 2008

Look who has come to live at our house...

It's Digby the Dragon.

One day Colly and I were travelling around the internet and we found a photo of a very cute dragon. Of course what 6 year old boy wouldn't want one ? And it was a giveaway... so we added a comment and didn't really think any more about it as I never win anything. SO you can imagine how excited we were to find that Digby (we named him) was going to come and live at our house. He is just wonderful and Jess (also known as Picklesticks) looks like she is going to make some more. I have to say that they are just beautifully made and would be a great addition to a family. I don't have any more details than that but you can always contact Picklesticks.

Digby was very excited to find that there was already a castle and some knights to go and play with ( otherwise known as my daughter's 2008 Castle Lego advent calendar.) It looked like things might get a little rough there for a while but really they all turned out to be good friends.
He did have to take a little bit of time out to go crusading with Colly.

Thank you so much for the giveaway Jess. We just love him. He is certainly very happy and busy here.


picklesticks said...

He looks happy living at your house! I am glad he has made friends.

Anonymous said...

The absolutely most perfect home he could have! Looks like he'll be well-loved, and have many adventures!