Friday, November 02, 2007

Glasshouse mountains

Just north of Brisbane, on the way to the Sunshine Coast are the Glasshouse Mountains. For those Steve Irwin fans you can find Australia Zoo in this area and in sight of these mountains. A week ago we were driving home from the Sunshine Coast and detoured to go to one of the lookouts. What I found there, embedded in the paths were these mosaics. ( There were more than these two but I liked these ones to show here.) The first two photos show the mosaic and the matching view. The large mountain is Tibrogargan ( the father), the one to the left is Ngungun which is the only one I have climbed. You can read the legend here.

Here is a mosaic showing Coonowrin ( or crookneck) and Beerwah ( the mother). I didn't actually get a photo of Beerwah but you can see Coonowrin in the photo with Ngungun to the right.

I really liked these mosaics - just embedded in the paths and some on the lookout walls. They aren't very big - maybe 12 inches (30cms) square. And it set me to thinking - maybe one day I could quilt something like this. I haven't been very adventurous previously but I saw something on an old Simply Quilts episode which prompted me to think about doing something like this. It is just an idea but I might just think about it some more. And as my husband loves going driving it wouldn't take much for me to suggest that we go back and take more photos of the mosaics.


Marcie said...

I can see why you are attracted to the mosaics! They certainly reflect their surroundings in a unique and beautiful way.

The Carolina Quilter said...

Beautiful! So different from our Smoky Mountains where we live in the foothills in upstate South Carolina. I love the mosaics as well.

meggie said...

Those mosaics would translate well into quilts! They are lovely, & thanks for posting them, along with the photos.

Feather on a Wire said...

Thank you for that trip down Memory Lane soemtimes all I remember is the gum trees/