Tuesday, August 14, 2007


There are always everyday things going on, but they just don't seem worth noting. Still there are a few things in the wings so hopefully I will catch up. Here's a finish though. There is a photo of this as a flimsy a little while back. I had intended it for my dining table but I found that it was a perfect fit for my bedroom dresser. It looks great here but unfortunately this is one of my Flylady hotspots and it doesn't quite look like this at the moment. I thought that maybe putting a nice runner on the top might help me to keep it clear. That is still being tested.... It would be so much easier if I didn't get so many notes from school and people didn't keep sending me bills all the time.
Last weekend I had a quick visit to Sydney. I was babysitting baby Iris while her parents went to a party. Best baby sitting job I've had in a long time, especially considering my husband was at home babysitting the other two grandchildren as well as our own trouble makers. We didn't have a lot of time but I did get so buy some fabric at one place and we also visited the Lindor Chocolate Cafe ( in Martin Place) That was toooooooo yummy....I had waffles with white chocolate icecream and a great hot chocolate. We went for a little walk in Hyde Park and I took these photos from the Anzac Memorial.

Of course it was all too short.


Connie W said...

Pretty runner. Perhaps you will be able to use it there for some time to come!

Sis said...

lol I have the same issue with clutter on top of hmm... the dining table, the server, bar.... my desk,... what else??? :D

The runner is VERY pretty though :D I almost thought it was the top of like a hope chest or something :D Very nice!!

Alisa said...

I like the runner. It looks like a fairly simple pattern -- could you divulge where you found it? Or did you make it up yourself?

Ming said...

Hi, I am from SA. love your runner!