Thursday, July 19, 2007

ho hum.. and the little things

Sometimes life just seems mundane and ordinary and nothing seems worth mentioning. Life just goes on - nothing bad but nothing that seems note worthy either. But I have come to realise that I started this blog to keep a record of things and that, of course, means the little things as well. So I thought that I would post one of the everyday things, a little thing in the scheme of things but a big thing in my life.
This smile......

A year or so ago this child would not have anything to do with photographs. He would cry when he saw them. Once I had to carry him from a shop sobbing when he saw himself on closed circuit television. Through a long process we have moved to this stage where he has become a camera hog as well as wanting to take photos everytime he can get hold of the camera. I know which I prefer.
On 07/07/07 it was my mother's birthday and we took her to a local beach for fish and chips. There is a playground there where the main attraction is these trees. Guess who had lots of fun?


Nan said...

I'm glad your son got over being camera-shy. He is a cutie! When my son was little, he really didn't like having his picture taken, either. I went ahead and did it anyway - he's glad now that I did.
I'm glad you posted about the "little things" in your life, because they are what life is all about.

Sis said...

What a cutie pie :D Some wonderful pictures, and you're right about the little daily things,... I should've been doing that too!!!! Maybe I can work on that this school year :D