Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A Textile Afternoon ....
My daughter's class have been doing a large learning unit on fabrics and textiles. Today they had an art show - they had been knitting, sewing, and even tie dying. Here is Panda with her sewing - hmm - I hadn't realised that she could be so neat - her room certainly doesn't show that. Still I think it is great that they have been learning about the types of fabrics and what you can do with them.

Good news - I have found the binding strips so hopefully I will get my UFO done very soon.


Jenni said...

Good news - looking forward to seeing the first UFO finished

Finn said...

So happy to see that you found the strips you will feel great to have that be a quilt that you can use!!

And what a sweetie your daughter is...bright and beautiful..*VBS*