Monday, October 21, 2013

A great day out.

Sometimes it is nice to have a day out to get away from all the stuff going on in real life. I had been looking forward to going to the Brisbane Craft and Quilt Fair. And I knew a few other crafty people who were going to be there too so I was looking forward to catching up with them as well. I know that there have been a few photos like this one on people's blogs. This one was the one taken on my phone and I can see that two people escaped getting into it. Sorry Susan and Michelle.

L to R. Val, Teresa, Tatyana, Sandi, Marilyn,and Noela. Behind L to R. Me, Fiona . Jane took the photo so that she wouldn't be in it....sneaky.

I am sure that we all would have loved to stay chatting for much longer but of course there is always shopping to do. Four of us then walked around looking at all the wonderful quilts. Sometimes it can be so overwhelming and I am sure I missed at least one row, as when I looked at some of the photos others took I don't remember seeing them.

And did I buy anything?...well of course I did. I think that this might be the first year I managed to buy everything I wanted. Of course there are always the things to find which you know you need as soon as you see them.

The stitchery things on the right were on my list. I had been stitching the day before and ran out of the thread so I was very happy to find some more. I want to use the same thread for a cross stitch project I am doing for a swap, and I bought the linen for that as well. I also wanted to get the Squedge 18 ruler. I have the other two ( 15 and 22.5) but wanted this one as well. There were some things I really 'needed' - I was very excited to get a new book by Natalie Bird of The Birdhouse. She had only received stock the night before the show so it was very hot off the press. I always love little Japanese kits and I also bought the fabric in the background. I bought it because I liked the clean look of the flowers but when I opened the roll up I found it had bunnies as well. Did I ever mention that I love bunnies?

I resisted going again the next day. I know I could have found more to look at and of course more to buy.

There's always next year. Who's going to meet me there?